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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I visit your facilities and meet you?
    We welcome you and your dog to come for an introductory visit to meet with us and view our facility. Please call us and we will schedule a tour.

  2. What happens in the event of a medical emergency with my dog?
    In the event of an emergency the dog will immediately be given the necessary medical attention possible at the Kennel. We will make every attempt to contact the owner. If we are not able to contact the owner and Veterinary attention is necessary we will provide this to the dog and the owner will be required to cover veterinary costs upon return.

  3. Will my dog be able to participate in a daily playgroup with other dogs at the kennel?
    All dogs are given the option of daily playgroup sessions. Small groups of 4-5 dogs are allowed to play and socialize in our outdoor play yards 3- 4 times daily. The option of playtime is discussed with the owner at the time of drop off. Aggressive dogs are not allowed to play with other dogs. However they will still get playtime or a walk 3-4 times daily.

  4. How is the Kennel heated?
    Our kennel facility is heated during the fall and winter months with radiant in floor heat. This provides a warm base for the dogs to lie on and prevents the dry-out of skin that can occur with forced air and electric heat. We maintain the indoor temperature between 68° and 70°F.

  5. What vaccinations are mandatory?
    All dogs are required to have full vaccinations including DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza), Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

  6. What do I need to bring?
    Along with your dog you should bring proof of the vaccinations mentioned above and enough of you dogs regular food for their entire stay. It is a good idea to bring a little extra food in case of an emergency. Some dogs feel more comfortable with a blanket or toy from home and we welcome these items to create a comfortable atmosphere for your dog.

  7. My dog can be aggressive with other dogs, will he/she still get playtime in the yards?
    Every dog who comes to stay with us will get to play outside. However they may only be allowed to play with a human friend or one of our own dogs who get along with everyone. It is best if you mention this to us when you call to book a reservation so that we can be prepared to offer your dog the best quality playtime possible.

  8. My dog takes medications on a daily basis, is your staff able to administer medications?
    We have plenty of experience in administering various types of medications and have a fridge in the kennel itself to house any medications that require refridgeration. Our staff will ensure that your pet receives his/her medication at the proper dose and on time just as you would do at home.